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October 28 Art Director of the Belorussian Theatre «Lialka» Viktor Klimchuk age 65. A native of Brest, he worked for a large part of his life outside of Belarus. In 1985, Victor Klimchuk came to Vitebsk, where he created a puppet troupe, which has grown into a full-fledged puppet theater 25.10.2011

On March, 29-31th the Belorussian theater «Lialka» has taken part in minifestival of puppet theaters in Olsztyn (Poland) with performance «The Ruined soul» on products Yana Borschevsky. 05.04.2011

The actors of the Belorussian Theatre “Lialka” took part in the Belorussian International Puppets’ Theatre Festival in Minsk as soon as returned home from Serbia. The theatrical collective performed the excellent play “The Flower of Seven Colours” by V.Katayev on the 29th of May 07.06.2010

The actress Olga Makhankova got the Prize for Acting Skills for her role of the Princess in the performance “The Star Child” by O.Wilde which was staged by the actors of the Belorussian Theatre “Lialka” at the 17th International Children’s Theatre Festival in Subotica, Serbia. 25.05.2010

The Theatre received the invitation to take part in the International Festival of Puppets’ Theatre in Bucharest, Romania after the successful appearance at the 17th International Children’s Theatre Festival in Subotica, Serbia. This festival will take place in December, 2010. 25.05.2010

According to the Nish Theatre administration reports the performance “The Curious Elephant” (“Radoznalo Slonche”) got the highest prize at the International Festival in Bulgaria and two main prizes at the International Festival in Serbia. And it is nice to mention that the collective of the Nish Theatre expressed appreciation for staging of the excellent theatrical performance 25.05.2010

The collective of the theatre “Lialka” became a participant of the Festival in Saint-Petersburg at the end of June. At present the Festival “KukART” is the best in the Post-Soviet territory and it is the largest in Russia. 03.11.2009

In September the collective of the theatre was a participant at the International Festival in Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. The play “The Boat of Despair” based on the story by V.Korotkevich was performed to the attention of participants and the judges. 03.11.2009

The young and mighty charming actress of the Belorussian Theatre “Lialka” Olga Lazebnaya got the Annual Regional Theatre Review prize “The Best Actress – 2009” for the role Musya in the performance “The Hare Once Lived” by M.Shuvalov. 21.10.2009

Building history

The History of the building


            The collective of the Belorussian Theatre «Lialka» works in house number 2 in Pushkin Street, which is a monument of the late XIXth century architecture.

            A private dwelling building of a country-seat type was in the city centre on a nice hill above the Vitba river. Its architectural style was strictly classical. The house was built on the place where the history of Vitebsk has its beginning. Historians, basing their conclusions on a multitude of archaeological finds, have decided that here on the hill the first fortified settlement — «gorodishche» — was founded. There was  a Prince Olgerd's court and the wooden church of the Saint Michail on the Zamkovaya Mountain. But the Saint Michail's church was burnt at the beginning of the XIIth century. After the Great October Socialist Revolution the Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies seated in this building. The 1st Conference of Bolsheviks was held there.

            This building was transferred to the possession of the Theatre «Lialka» in 1991. Now the building is declared under the protection of the state, to be preserved in all its splendour.

Flower-Seven Colours

V.Katayev, For children from 6 years 1:20

Interpretation – P.Laman

Script by — V. Klimchuk

Scenography — A. Sidorov

Puppets, costumes – A. Sidorova

Music by – A.Zalyotnev

Choreography by – N.Blagodatskih

Zhenya, the ordinary little girl, lived in an ordinary yard in an ordinary town. Once she had an opportunity to realize her most cherished wishes. What did Zhenya wish? The actors will tell you about it at a bright musical performance.